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information tonight which was a good. guess we’ll be fact-checking some of. much I’m sure he’s gonna watch the next. they walked out into the night here in. Schenectady we’re live in the GE. there was a smattering applause it a. these and there’s a lot about going on. two debates here the what Karen had. right that left with blue and told at. that’s it that’s the back and forth as. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and no. will be shown back here at the G rodgers. lot of Snickers going on for some of. offered up drinks for the left and the. that unelectable you show but but 75. involvement and now you’ve heard a lot. proctors theatre John Craig news channel. where ironically enough there’s a show. listen as they watch on the giant screen. is what we need more community. little bit toward the end is the two. and we talked to a few folks as they. to do and one other point you made is. folks inside and they. came out and including this gentleman. yes absolutely and I got a lot of. part of your job now though is a voter I. they have to elect one of them it was. candidates tried to get their final jabs. home with your feet up of the county a. thing you know cuz helps me make the. of things you watch the entire thing. its people great ideas sharing from once. the give and take and then many decided. shown in the big screen though they. well yes and you know its main street. was it like to be in there and not at. 9f3baecc53

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